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Raditz Saga
The saga starts with Raditz fighting a farmer.Of course,Raditz kills the farmer.Meanwhile, Goku is with the rest of the Z fighters.Suddenly Piccolo comes.He wants to fight Goku,but then Raditz pays a visit.He wants Goku to be evil.Of course Goku doesn't.So Raditz takes Gohan away.He said that the only way to get him back is to kill one hundred people.Then Raditz leaves.Goku and Piccolo know that he is very powerful,so they decide to work together.They go in search of Raditz and since they could sense power levels they find him pretty easily.Raditz gives Goku one more chance to turn back.Goku doesn't so then the fight begins.Raditz is very powerful and Goku and Piccolo don't have a chance.But they keep fighting.Piccolo powers up for his Demon Ray.(I like to call it that)He misses it.Goku then gets hurt a lot,and he is screaming in alot of pain.Gohan hears his screams.He gets very sad,but then his power level goes by a lot.He gives Raditz a headbutt in the stomach.It cracks his Saiyan armor and makes him a little bit weaker.Goku goes behind Raditz and holds him.He tells Piccolo to power up for his Demon Ray.Piccolo does and then he shoots it to Raditz.The attack is so powerful that it not only kills Raditz ,put it also Goku.But before Raditz dies he says that two more Saiyans will come to avenge him.After that some of the Z fighters come.Piccolo told them what happened.Then Piccolo took Gohan to train.He saw that Gohan was very powerful and he needed him to help fight against the other Saiyans.Then the other fighters agreed to train and look for the Dragonballs.

Vegeta Saga

For some reason Goku's body disappears.They then realize that it was Kami who did this.He is the guardian of Earth.Kami sends Goku's body to onther diminsion.He did this so Goku could go to King Kai's planet to train.But before he could do that he has to get past Snake Way Path.Only one person ever got past Snake Way Path.It is King Yema.So Goku goes in the path.After three months of fighting strange things he finally gets through Snake Way Path.So then he meets King Kai.He is a pretty strange guy.He tells Goku that it is better to train on his planet because the gravity is ten times then the Earth's gravity.At first it is hard but then he gets used to it.But then then the Saiyans arrived.The names of them were Nappa and Vegeta.Nappa seems to be more powerful at first.So they start the fight.Tein,Choazu,and Yamcha all die.Then Nappa shoots a ray to Gohan.Now since Piccolo liked Gohan a lot ever since they trained he gets in front of the ray.Piccolo dies,but just after he dies Goku appears.He is very angry at Nappa.They then fight for a while but Goku gets the upper hand.Nappa begs Vegeta for help.Vegeta says that he is to weak,so he kills Nappa.Then Vegeta fights Goku.Even with his new attack which raises his power level he still can't beat Vegeta.Vegeta then turns Oozaru stage.(That is when a Saiyan looks at the moon.Then they turn into a huge ape.They get really powerful when that happens.Goku can't do that because he does not have a tail)So then Yajarobe cuts off Vegeta's tail.But then because Gohan was also Oozaru stage,he fell on Vegeta and they win.Vegeta then leaves swearing for revenge.

Frieza Saga
Because Piccolo died so did Kami.It is because they are one being.So Gohan.Krillin and Bulma go to the planet Namek to find other Dragonballs.But Vegeta is also there and he wants the Dragonballs too.So does Frieza.He has most of the Dragonballs.Gohan and Krillin also save a Namek kid from Frieza.They take him away.The kids name is Dende.Bulma sends Goku a signal to come to that planet.While Goku is in the pod he trains.The machine lets you train at different levels of Gravity.He keeps training like that until he gets to Namek.Back on Namek,Gohan and Krillin to team up with Vegeta to get all of the Dragonballs.Then the Ginyu Force came.Then Goku arrived.He kills two of the Ginyu Force and then he kills Gouldo.Then Goku fights Captain Ginyu.He is the most powerful one of the whole team.They fight for a while,but then Goku seems to be winning.Then Captain Ginyu punches himself.He does that so that he could switch bodies with Goku.So the Captain Ginyu is in Goku's body and Goku is in Captain Ginyu's body.So then Captain Ginyu fights against Vegeta,Krillin,and Gohan.But he loses to them.So then Captain Ginyu wnats to switch bodies with Vegeta,but Goku throws a frog in the way.So then he dies.Goku goes back to his pod because he is hurt very badly.So now that they have the Dragonballs they have to get Dende.Dende tells them that they could have three wishes.So they sneak off when Vegeta is sleepping.But they had to hurry up because Frieza was coming.So then Nail goes to challenge Frieza.He knows that he has no chance but he wants to fight long enough for Gohan to make his wishes.Frieza wins and then goes to look for the others.Gohan then finds a good spot to make a wish.His first wish is to bring back all the people that died in the battle against Nappa and Vegeta.They were going to make another wish put the dragon dissapeared.That meant that Geru died.Then Vegeta came and he was so angry at Gohan and Krillin.But then Frieza came.He was so angry at Vegeta,Krillin,and Gohan because now he couldn't wish for immortality.So while they fight Piccolo arrives.He is somewhere on the planet away from Gohan,but because he could sense power he finds Gohan pretty fast.Before he finds Gohan he sees Nail.Nail is almost about to die so he tells Piccolo to fuse with him.At first Piccolo doesn't want to because if he does Nail would never be able to come back.But Nail keeps telling him to.Piccolo senses Frieza's huge power and decides to.After that he becomes very powerful.So then he joins the fight against Frieza.Gohan and Piccolo are doing well against him.They kill him but he transforms and becomes even more powerful.Then Vegeta fight Frieza's last stage.Frieza hurts Vegeta very badly.Then Goku comes back.Vegeta tells Goku about how he was raised to be evil.Then Frieza shoots a beam at Vegeta's heart and he dies.So then the fight between the two starts.They both do good.But not even Goku's Spirit Bomb kills Frieza.It looked like if Frieza was going to kill Goku,but he killed Krillin.Seeing his best friend die made Goku so angry that he turned Super Saiyan.While the fight is going on,the rest of the people that are alive wish for everybody who died to come back to Earth.Goku then told Frieza to use one hundred percent of his power.When he was done they started to fight.The fight was very long.On the t.v. show it was a lot of episodes.At the end Frieza shoots two very powerful beams at Goku.But they come back to him.Now Frieza only has his upper body to fight with.But most of it is hurt.The planet is about to explode so Goku gets on his ship.Because he is so nice he gives Frieza some power to get out.(Frieza could survive in space so he just flies there)But Frieza doesn't want it.Instead he uses it to try to kill Goku.It misses but it almost hits him.So now he is so angry that he shoots a beam to Frieza and kills him.Then Goku gets on his ship and leaves but while he was getting away, the planet exploded.

Robot Frieza (Mini Saga)
Everybody who died were wished back.Goku was still out in space.They knew that he was alive but they didn't know where.While in space King Cold,who us Frieza's father is in space with his friends.They search for parts of Frieza everywhere.When they find all of the pieces they build a robot.(Robot Frieza)King Cold tells him that they could destroy the planet from where they are from.Put as arrogant as Frieza is he wants to go to Earth and destroy everybody himself.All of the Z fighters sensed his power and they were scared.All they could do was wait for Frieza to come and also hope for Goku to return.When they finally get to Earth King Kold tells his friends to go kill of the fighters,but then in an instant they are all slain down.Frieza looks at what happened and then the fightere (who is Future Trunks)slices Frieza easily and then blasts him with an energy beam.Then Trunks kills King Kold(who is more powerful then Frieza) just as he killed Frieza.Then Trunks said that he has to talk to Goku.He said that he will come in three hours.So all that the fighters can do is just wait for Goku to arrive.When Goku does arrive he tells everyone that he was on this planet.He said that he was working on learning this one attack.The name of the attack is Instant Transmission.Vegeta says that it is just Goku running really fast.So Goku teleborts to the Kame House.He gets Kame's sun glasses and shows it to everybody.They were all amazed.Then Trunks gets his sword and slashes at Goku.He stops the sword only inches away from his face.Trunks asked why Goku let him do that.He said that he knows that he is good.Then Trunks said that he will not stop.He keeps trying to hurt Goku but Goku blocks it easily.Trunks was very amazed.Then he told Goku that he is the son of Vegeta and Bulma.He tells Goku all that will happen in twenty years from now.He tells them all about the androids and how everybody dies.Goku askes where he was during all this.Trunks said that he got a heart disease while he was on the stange planet.Trunks said that he has a cure in his time.So then Trunks went back to his time in his time machine.Then Piccolo told Goku that he heard everything that they said.(Nameks have good hearing)He told Goku that if he didn't tell everybody else what they said that he would.Goku told Piccolo to leave out the part about him being the son of Vegeta and Bulma.Piccolo then tells everybody everything except the part about Trunks being the son of Vegeta and Bulma.Then Piccolo tells them that they all have three years to train.That they have to train very hard.