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The movie starts out with Gohan and Oolong looking for the Dragonballs.They are using the dragon rader which they stole from Bulma.They are on icy mountains.Oolong told Gohan not to tell anyone about this.Meanwhile Piccolo is trying to destroy the ice from the mountain but he couldn't.Then they see an old man.He made a wish to melt the ice.While all the ice was melting Gohan and Oolong were discovered by three Bio Men.They were saved by Piccolo who easily destroyed them.Piccolo flew off ,but Gohan and Oolong blacked out.Later when they were back at their house some Bio Men came after Master Rhoshi.He beat them up but then Dr.Kouchin appeared.He took Master Rhoshi and Bulma to his lab.They introduced Dr.Willow to them.He was a brain in a jar.Bulma said that he died fifty years ago.But they told her that the ice destroyed his body,but not his brain.Then they told them the plan.They were going to turn all human beings into some kind of Android.Dr.Willow then told Master Rhoshi to fight his three androids.At first he was doing fine,but the Androids were too powerful.Dr.Willow asked Bulma who is the most powerful on Earth.She said that it was Goku.Finally Goku,Gohan,and Krillin when to the lab.Goku fought the first android and won.They all went to a room of spikes.They passed it.Goku fought the other two androids.He won.They found the lab,and everyone else two.Dr.Willow said that he wanted Goku's body.Goku was ready to fight.Suddenly Piccolo appeared.Gohan was very happy.But Piccolo hit Gohan.Goku told Gohan to get away but Gohan didn't.He asked Piccolo what was wrong.Piccolo hit Gohan again.Goku fought Piccolo.Goku kicked Piccolo's hat off.There was some sort of wires on him.Goku told Gohan that Dr.Willow was controlling him.Gohan was very sad.After a few minutes,Gohan got angry.He destroyed the machines.So Piccolo was a good guy again.Piccolo got angry and attacked the jar.But then the jar that Dr.Willow was in was actually a huge machine.When he got up Dr.Kouchin fell to his death.Piccolo attacked the machine but the machine hit first.Then Goku,Krillin,and Master Rhoshi all did Kame-hama-ha.It didn't even hurt the robot.They fought for a while and the robot had the advantage.But with all the help they sent the robot to space.The robot was so angry that he wanted to destroy Earth.First he sent some blasts to Earth.Goku wanted to power up for his Spirit Bomb.First he failed.Piccolo,Gohan,and Krillin went up because the robot was coming down.They held him off for a while.Then Goku threw his Spirit Bomb to the robot.Dr.Willow died.Then on Earth they were just staying down there.Master Rhoshi said that he liked Dr.Willow Because he thought that he was the strongest.Then Bulma said that Dr.Willow didn't know that he was just a dirty old man.They all had a nice laugh.THE END